Kuber Industries Multiuses Tringle Printed Soft Cotton Bath Towel, 30"x60"(Blue)

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Package Contents: 1 Piece Soft Cotton Bath Towel ,Material: Soft Cotton,Dimension: 150 x 75 x 1 cm,Versatile Use: These extra-absorbent towels can be just hanging around waiting for you, ready to fulfill their duty in making you feel pampered. Practical for quick drying, ample coverage and comfortable lounging, these towels are also ideal for use on the beach or at a poolside, in addition to fulfilling your bath needs at home or a hotel.,Soft Material: Made using 100% cotton for optimal comfort and durability, these towels will fulfill your bath needs for years to come.These bathroom towels are absorbent, making them perfect for use after a bath, at the gym, beach or poolside. ,EASY TO CARE - Machine washable, easy to care and clean. These towels are specially processed to make the dryer take less time, thus saving time and energy costs. They flow completely out of the dryer, soft and fluffy for the next time.,BETTER WATER ABSORPTION - This towel material allows for maximum absorbency. Perfect for poolside, bathroom, Beach, salon, college dorm room essentials , spa, wedding resgisry or gym use. The towel set is designed to provide users with all their basic bathroom drying needs to wrap around your hair or to dry your body.


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