Kuber Industries Handkerchiefs|Sweat Absorbent Gingham Check Dark Colored Soft Cotton Square Hankies For Man,Boys & Wicking Sweat from Hands,Face,Set of 6 (Multicolor)

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PACKAGE CONTAIN : 6 Piece Handkerchiefs,MATERIAL : Multicolor,PRODUCT DIMENSION : 50 cm x 48 cm x 1 cm ,FITS IN YOUR BAG,PURSE OR POCKET: Compact And Neutral, perfect for quick fresh ups, first dates, interviews, summer concerts, and anything in between. With these handkerchiefs, you will always have protection against sweat. They can easily fit into your bags, pockets and even smaller spaces.,FASHIONABLE & DRIES QUICKLY: There's no better mix of good looking and useful than these designed handkerchiefs, this pack comes in different colors to keep things interesting for every day of the week! You can have them as a classy pocket square or as a typical old-school back-pocket cleaning tool. They are completely soft, absorbent and moisture-wicking. At the same time, it is able to quickly absorb any type of sweat, making them easy to use.,EMBARRASSMENT PROTECTION: Our Sweat absorbing handkerchiefs allow you to quickly and carefully pat sweat and tear off your face, body and hands, keeping you clean and dry all day long. It can be easily protected from the sun, if you are going out in the sun, then with the help of them you can easily cover your face.,ODOR-FREE & MACHINE WASHABLE: It Is made from cotton which really makes these handkerchiefs great. You can put these through the washing machine, no problem and they will still be soft after the first wash! For best results, wash them with cool water and a gentle laundry detergent.


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