Kuber Industries Disney Princess Design Baby Pillow|Polyester Super Soft Kids Pillow For Sleeping & Travel,12 x 18 Inch,(Pink)

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PACKAGE CONTAIN : 1 Piece Baby Pillows,MATERIAL: Polyester,PRODUCT DIMENSION: 46 cm x 31 cm x 14 cm,DESIGNED FOR TODDLERS & KIDS: The Pillows are designed for toddlers based on the recommendations given by the pediatricians. And it's so comfy and perfect for sleeping in bed! This pillow is perfect for small children and babies, if your baby wants to sleep alone then this pillow will be a special gift for your baby which can give your baby a restful sleep. And the special types of Prints on it will attract your kids towards it.,SOFT MICROFIBER FILLING: This Ultra soft microfiber filled pillow will get your baby excited to sleep! It supports their head for maximum comfort. Plus, most microfiber pillows don't prick under the head like a hard stone, it's delicate enough to give a good and restful sleep to any little boy or baby. They don't weigh too much baby on their side. Attracts by itself, it can be considered a symbol of long and pleasant sleep for them.,MOST FEATURED PILLOW: Simple and neutral pillows to match the cot setting to any child's bed or crib. Perfectly shaped for your little one to nap, sleep and play on the go. With pillows in hand, your baby will feel more secure while sleeping or taking a nap in a new environment. Soft and shades are chosen for uninterrupted and peaceful sleep. It is equipped with a special type of print, these colors do not sting in the eyes of children and they mesmerize them.,CARE INSTRUCTIONS: It is recommended to clean the pillowcases or hand wash the fabric. It won't stay wet for a long time after washing, it has the ability to absorb wetness quickly and at the same time, the fine fabric texture on these pillows prolongs its life.


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