Kuber Industries Cutlery Holder|Cutlery Holder for Kitchen|Cutlery Holder for Dining Table|Multi-Purpose Kitchen Organizer (Brown)

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? PACKAGE CONTAIN : 1 Piece Cutlery Holder|MATERIAL: Plastic|PACKAGE DIMENSION: 23 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm,? WELL ORGANIZER: Your Cutlery Holder Has 5 big fixed compartment, it can meet your needs according to you. This cutlery holder is big enough to hold your kitchen gadgets and the biggest flatware. Inside it you can easily keep any type of small spoons, knives, and other kitchen appliances.,? LARGE & COMPACT UTENSIL HOLDER : This Utensil holder is designed with five large capacity compartments. This kitchen organization can effectively hold your various kitchenware and cutlery kitchen items. It can easily accommodate small and big kitchen appliances lying here and there in your kitchen. And it's going to add to the beauty of your kitchen.,? DURABLE & CONVENIENT TO CARRY: Our Cutlery Organizer is thoughtfully crafted from durable plastic, which are convenient to carry and add to the beauty. This Kitchen Cutlery Holder is easy to take anywhere, suitable for utensil organization and storage at weddings, camping, parties, buffets, BBQs, RVs and other outdoor scenarios. It can be a companion of Utensils kept in your kitchen for a long time.,? UNBREAKABLE & EASY TO CLEAN : This Cutlery Holder can be opened easily. Be sure! It is not easily breakable, it can be opened and cleaned. In addition to the lid on top, the compartments of the cutlery holder can also be easily opened and cleaned. If you want, you can clean it by adding lukewarm water to it.,,


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