Kuber Industries Cotton Oil Resistant Cooking Kitchen Apron for Men & Women (Red)

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Package Contents: 1 Piece Kitchen Apron,Material: Cotton ,Product Dimensions : 72cm x 53cm,Safe & Clean Cooking: Covering from chest to knee provides great coverage and protection against kitchen grease, spills and food stains. It is the primary choice for ordinary kitchen and family gatherings. No more worrying about getting your clothes dirty.,Waterproof Apron :This apron is water proof, helps you cook, wash or do any kitchen work without stressing that your clothes will get damaged.,Usage: It can be used for cooking at schools, restaurants, catering business, hotels, food handling or production kitchen, banquet, catering business, etc place.,Machine Washable: The aprons are very easy to care for. They are machine washable and recommended to be washed without the use of harsh bleach and detergents. They can be maintained effortlessly.


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