Kuber Industries Baking Mat|Silicone Non-Stick Stretchable Kneading Mat|Fondant Rolling Mat For Kitchen,Roti,Chapati,Cake,19 x 16 Inche (Sky Blue)

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PACKAGE CONTAINS : 1 Piece Silicone Fondant Rolling Mat,MATERIAL : Silicone,PRODUCT DIMENSION : 50 cm x 40 cm x 1 cm,HEALTHY AND SAFE: Silicone Mat is heat resistant, non-stick, non-toxic, odorless, flexible, never tarnish or fade and is health, safety and reusable, you can use the mat many times. They are BPA free, they can make them strong and your partner for a long time.,ANTI-SLIP & NON-STICKY BOTTOM: Adheres firmly to countertop or other surfaces under mat. It does not slip or slide on the counter. Even if grease or flour sticks to the surface, pastry mats can be easily cleaned to keep countertops clean and sanitary. It sticks to any surface in your kitchen and helps you make your bread, cake,Pastry and other ingredients without moving around.,DOUBLE THICKNESS & MEASUREMENT SYSTEM: The pastry mat is made of premium silicone and glass fiber. It is safe, soft, durable and will not wrinkle or fade. And this thick matte won't slip or wrinkle when used. It has also given measurement categories for beginners so that any type of bread, pastry and other types of dishes can be prepared with its help. This mat can be your one companion in your kitchen.Measurement equivalents are printed right on the edges of the mat in both imperial and metric units.,NO DISTORTION & EASY TO CLEAN: Reinforced with a glass weave, this mat is more durable and reliable than pure silicone mats. Repeated multiple uses and wash cycles do not affect the size of the mat. Made of silicone, it doesn't disintegrate. They are easy to keep clean, they are easily cleaned and neither are they too dirty so that they can be cleaned without any effort.


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