Kuber Industries Undergarments Kit, Lingerie Cover In Heavy Quilted Satin (Pink)

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A simple yet convenient way to store lingerie, underwear, bra, etc. A mini Zip closure to keep mini accessories is like a breather in a hurry. This Lightweight, Durable and Easy to clean multi-functional bag will keep all your things in place. Make it a style statement with cool colors like sky blue, pink and purple. Or just store it in luggage as a compact and discreet luggage bag. Next time don't be tensed if you have to travel last minute. Just book the tickets as now you can easily locate your travel accessories with our best travel bags with compartments.

  • Simple yet convenient, easy to clean
  • Stores lingerie, underwear, bra, etc.
  • Can be easily placed inside the handbag and pulled out as well
  • 30*5*22


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