Kuber Industries™ Stainless Steel Double Mesh Fruits/Vegetable Basket Strainer Set of 6 Pcs (Code-VB24)

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Package Content: 6 Pcs.Material: Steel Color: Silver. This basket comes with both side handles and made of high quality stainless steel wire mesh. It can be used as sieve and store vegetables or fruits, washing pulse, rice and other kind of things. .Diameter: 9 Inches Height: 4.3 Inches.Kuber Industries Stainless Steel Kitchen Strainer/Fruit/Vegetable Mesh Basket is made of high quality stainless steel. It is multipurpose tool and perfect for both home and commercial kitchen. .Brand: "Kuber Industries" - LATEST, TRENDY, DESIGNER & STYLISH WITH CHOICE OF COLOURS. Just type & search "Kuber Industries" in Search Bar & don't miss 'The Must Buy Products'.


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