Kuber Industries Plastic Swing Lid Garbage Waste Dustbin, 5 Liters (Pink) - CTKTC22839

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Package Contents: 1 Piece Plastic Swing Lid Garbage Waste Dustbin (5 Litres) . Material: Plastic, Color: Pink. Size: 26 cm x 21 cm x 21 cm .Keep your house clean and healthy by putting your household waste in this Kuber Industries Plastic Dustbin. A 100% Virgin Plastic Dustbin Which Is Foot Operated And Awesome In Quality. .It is commonly used in offices, living areas and inside the rooms. The design complements your beautiful homes and adds a touch of luxury to your office cabins. Having a capacity of 5 litres this bin comes handy for use . .Kuber Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of over 300 high quality plastic household products. Kuber Industries uses state of art technology to provide safe and designer products meeting global standards. Sunshine believes in quality first and does not compromise on customer satisfaction. .


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