Kuber Industries Plastic 3 Pieces Multipurpose Storage Container Box 11000, 7500 & 5000 ML (Pink) -CTLTC10990

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Package Content: 3 Pieces Storage Container Box, Capacity: 11000 ML, 7500 ML and 5000 ML.Color: Pink, Material: Virgin Plastic and Dimension: 24x24x28.5 CM, 22x22x25.5 CM and 20x20x22.5 CM.Kuber Industries storage container box set is made of food grade virgin plastic material. These are easy to wash and maintain, dishwasher safe. .These are very durable, unbreakable and hygienic storage containers come with airtight lids which help to keep the contents secured inside the box. .This set is ideal for your kitchen and pantry storage needs and ideal for storing any kind of food items like pulses, sugar, tea, flour, cereal, etc.


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