Kuber Industriesâ„¢ Makeup Purse Bag Cosmetic Travel Bag Nylon High Capacity Drum With Elegant Lace Makup Organizer 3 in 1 Makeup Bag - KI19615

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Texture quite soft, cylindrical design beautiful and lovely, super large capacity, good convenient classification inner separator design, cylindrical pouch design, including the mouth a taut to get! Usually the streets are suitable for use or travel abroad! 

Large pouch, small cosmetic bag, PVC pouch set of three, in accordance with article can place order volume size, small cosmetic bag or purse when you can also pack jewelry, very versatile. 

PVC pouch can hold makeup brushes can hold stationery to make your article storage in order. Since then go out looking for something good and calm, no longer have to rush everywhere rummage!

Travel carry cosmetics, skin care products, bottles and jars always let it bother you? Multifunction cylinder capacity travel cosmetic bag pouch, allowing you to bring the entire skin care products also pretend to be! 

Each set contains: 1 into a cosmetic bag small admission package + 1 + PVC transparent bags into 1 into 


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