Kuber Industries Lining Horse Design Cotton Three Cabinet Hanging Baby almirah, Kids Wardrobe, Cloth Organizer, Folding almirah, Toy Box (Red) - CTKTC30999

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Package Contents: Cotton Three Cabinet Baby almirah,,Material: Cotton, Color: Red,Dimension: 87 x 36 x 20 cm,This Almirah keeps the environment around your kids clean and hygienic by keeping all the things like clothes, nappies etc. at one place. Perfect gift for new born baby.,Beautiful Almirah made of cloth made for kids. Parents can use it for kids cloths and small playing items. Pockets outside on the cover can be used for papers and magazines also.,Saves the space and looks attractive. It can be hanged anywhere and used for storing anything, *When not in use, it can be folded and kept aside. Easy to hang.,


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