Kuber Industries Leaf Design Non Woven Underbed Storage Bag, Storage Organiser, Blanket Cover (Pink)-CTKTC21200

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Package Content: 1 Piece Underbed Storage Bag, Storage Organiser, Blanket Cover.Dimension: 65x45x31 CM, Material: Non woven and Color: Pink.Made of non-woven material so this is very durable, long-lasting and multipurpose. This is used to store blankets, clothes, quilts, coats and other garments for long periods of time..This can be folded back when not in use and it collapses flat for saving precious storage space. This has two way zipper and two soft grab handles makes it easy to pull out or replace from under the bed. .This has a large transparent sheet by which you can see what is inside the underbed bag remotely. This is the best space saver product..


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