Kuber Industries Foldable Wardrobe Rack/Cabinet for Cloth Storage Set of 1 Pc

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Package Content: 1 Pc Wardrobe Rack, Dimension: 105x45x 165 CM 

Attractive look adjustable with home décor, Material: Stainless Steel Color: Multi

Kuber Industries foldable wardrobe rack/cabinet is made of high quality Stainless Steel tube and PP Plastic Connectors. This wardrobe rack is very durable and has a panoramic view.      

Using this rack you can store your basic home and office goods at on place. This comes with 105x45x165 CM size. 

You can place this in your kid’s room to store kid’s toys, garments and stationary etc. apart from this you can also keep it in your living room. 

This wardrobe rack makes your clothes or daily accessories easy to access. The Assembling of this wardrobe rack is very easy and take few minutes.


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