Kuber Industries Flower Printed Non Woven 1 Piece Shirt Stacker And 1 Piece Foldable Rectangle Cloth Saree Stacker Cloth Wardrobe Organizer Wardrobe Organizer (Pink) -CTKTC38186

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Package Contents: 1 Piece Non Woven Shirt Stacker And 1 Piece Saree Stacker Bag/Saree Organiser Wardrobe Organizer.Material: Non Woven, Color:Pink, Design: Flower.Saree Stacker Size: 48 cm x 33 cm x 28 cm, Shirt Stacker : 40 cm x 25 cm x 24 cm
.Soft Bag for Multipurpose: Soft Pink color cloth organizer for Sarees, Shirt Stacker, covers, lehenga, undergarments, scarves can be used for shelf, bedroom, wardrobe, under bed storage and more..Stackable and Foldable: Reinforced wardrobe organizer for clothes can be stacked without deformation. Organize all your clothes with style in this foldable closet organizer.Eco-friendly and Durable: Closet organizer made of thick layer embossing non-woven fabric, delicate, breathable, moisture-proof, mold-proof and dustproof. Hard to be broken and can be used for long period of time.Space Saving Organizer: Foldable to spare space when not being used. The size 19"x13"x11" suitable for most standard closets, convenient Saree stacker, Shirt Stacker allows easy access for grab and


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