Kuber Industries Floral Design Silk 2 Pieces Laminated Embroidered Women's Handbag (Pink) - CTKTC23114

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Package Content: 2 Pieces Laminated Embroidered Women's Handbag .Material: Polyester and Satin, Color: Pink, Design: Floral Embroidered.Size: 35 cm x 11 cm x 25 cm.Kuber Industries Women’s Mini Handbag is made of high quality polyester and satin material with laminated embroidery work.This charming handbag captures all the surrounding eyes and sparkles to be perfection. This Mini Handbag has Three Pocket. one is main Pocket With one pocket inside and one outside..This is stylish, part ware, durable and long-lasting bag. This is the combination of traditional and modern embroidery work..You can carry it on any occasion like parties, wedding, anniversary, etc. This hand bag makes you glamorous and unique among your friends or familiar persons as well as this can be a good gift for your known person.


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