Kuber Industries Five Layers 4 Pieces Plastic Clothes Hangers Pants Storage Hangers Cloth Rack Multilayer Storage Scarf Tie Rack Hanger(MultiColor) - CTKTC30804

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Package Contents: 4 Pieces Plastic Pants Storage Hangers Cloth Rack Multilayer Storage Scarf Tie Rack Hanger,,Material: Plastic, Color: MultiColor
,Size: 37 cm x 31 cm x 1 cm
,Multiple shirts , pants , ties can be hung at the same time on this hanger , space saving , cupboard organiser perfect size and good quality Are you sick and tired of trying to find your favourite dress or skirt in your drawer, and want a more effective way to organize your clothes .If so, then this is your lucky day because we have got just the thing you need; a quality hanger that will make your life easier.They are strong, sturdy, and durable., Practical and efficient for wardrobe organization It may sound simplistic, but it is true; the ONLY thing you need in order to have a closet perfectly organized is hangers! You can store practically anything on them; pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, coats, sweatpants, scarves, pashminas, ties, jeans, tuxedos, suits – the list never ends! Space saving design Our hangers are designed to save space and make the most out of your wardrobe. Compared to standard hangers, they have five tiers/layers and one hanger can hold up to six pairs of trousers or skirts easily, taking up very less wardrobe space., Standard sized dimensions When measured using a standard measuring device, the recorded size of each hanger is 37 cm x 31 cm . They are standard sized to fit any standard sized wardrobe. Neat and organised look Hangers create a neat and organized look transforming your closet from chaos to organized. These elegant plastic hangers beautifully add order to your wardrobe, making it pleasing to the eyes.Also, it's easy to spot your clothes on the hanger once they are hung.,


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