Kuber Industries Cotton Ultra Soft Hollow Fibre C Shaped Maternity Pillow,Pregnancy Pillow,Body Pillow with Zippered Cover (Navy Blue)-CTKTC39237

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Package Contents: 1 Piece Maternity Pillow,Material: Hollow Fibre (Cotton), Color: Navy Blue,Size: 130 cm x 101 cm x 25 cm,CONTAINS : 1 Pregnancy Pillow, along with 1 Zippered Detachable Cover. Ideal For Ones Who Prefer Low Raise Pillows While Sleeping And Have Bodyweight In The Range Of 55Kgs To 70Kgs. This Pillow Has 2 Kgs Fibre Filling Making It Easily Movable Through The Night And Easier To Carry Around.,MATERIALS – Filled with Kuber Industries Hollow Fibres that are Light Weight and Hypoallergenic With Zero Pressure. Covers are Made from Fine 100% Cotton Ultra Soft Fabric with Zero Stretch or Plush Velvet Stretch Fabric as per your choice.,THE C SHAPE PILLOW – Designed By Medical Experts, The C Shape Pillow Is an Ergonomically Shaped Body Support Pillow which contours the Back and the Spine. One End of the Pillow Can be Tucked Between The Legs for Hip and Leg Support. It take away the need for Multiple Pillows at Night. It can also be Flipped and Used for Belly Support.,THE COMFORT – Gentle, Fluffy and Soft, The Pillow Releases the Pressure From the Belly or the Back and Allows for an Even Support from Head to Toe. Great For Maternity Pains During And After Pregnancy. Adheres To Internationally Accepted Quality Standards. Extra Wide Arms For Side Body Support. Can Be Used For Pregnancy, Reading, Lounging. Post Pregnancy It Can Be Used For Breastfeeding. Flexible Design For Multipurpose Use.


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