Kuber Industries™ Cleaning Brush/Duster For Carept,Sofa,Home,Curtain,Car,Bed,Office etc. Set of 2 Pcs (Duster21)

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Package Content: 2 Pc Color: Multi.Material: Plastic Length: 40 CM. it has long soft bristles and a plastic handle grip which helps to hold good while using it. This brush can be used to even delicate surfaces as it does not scratch or harm them. .Smooth to clean without doing any scratch or harm and damage on any surface..This Brush is made of high quality Plastic with the long and hard bristles. This is the ideal product for home, office, car, carpets, seat cover, dashboard, sofas, curtains, mats, etc. .Brand: "Kuber Industries" - LATEST, TRENDY, DESIGNER & STYLISH WITH CHOICE OF COLOURS. Just type & search "Kuber Industries" in Search Bar & don't miss 'The Must Buy Products'.


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