Kuber Industries Apple Design Mustard Seeds (Rai) Pillow, Baby Head Shaping Takiya Detachable Mustard, Rai Seed Pouch for Easy Washing Feeding & Nursing Baby Neck Pillow-Pack of 2 (Assorted)

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Package Contents: 2 Piece Baby Mustard Pillow,Material: Cotton, Color: Assorted,Product Dimensions: 26cm x 22cm x 1cm,Newborn baby pillow: Mustard seeds pillow (india's traditional pillow) recommended by our ancestors as it has the property to give beautiful round head shape to a newborn soft skull.,Benefits of mustard seeds: Gives round head shape prevent, flat head syndrome, improves blood circulation, reducess cold and cough,Seeds takes the shape of the head solid particles of the mustard seeds moves with pressure,so as baby moves its head pillow adjust the shape accordingly.,EASE OF WASHING: You can wash the cover separately & easily. This will ensure cleanliness and hygiene for the baby.,


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