Kuber Industries ABS Health Faucet with one Stainless Steel Shower Tube and ABS wall hook (Silver)

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Package Content: 1 Pc Health Faucet/Faucet With 1 Mtr Stainless Steel Shower Tube & ABS Hook

Color: silver, Material: ABS, Dimension: 16x5x3 CM

Kuber Industries Health Faucet is made of high quality ABS material so this is very durable and long-lasting. 

If you are looking for a Health Faucet or faucet then this is the best choice to you. You can attach it to your toilet to make cleaning out diapers.

Apart from these you can use it with bathtub and in your bathroom. This comes with a triggered nozzle that controls the flow pressure.

This set comes with a wall hook so that you can put it up on your bathroom wall and 1 meter shower tube or hose pipe. 


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