Kuber Industries 6 Pieces Travelling Mesh Laundry Pouch/Cloth Organizer Storage Bag (Maroon)-CTKTC1461

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Package Content: 6 Pcs Travelling Laundry Pouches.

Color: Maroon, Material: Nylon Dimension: 40x30x13 CM, 31x28x13 CM, 30x21x13 CM, 35x29 CM, 28x27 CM, and 27x18 CM

Kuber Industries Travelling Laundry Pouch set is made from nylon fabric so these are very durable and waterproof. This laundry pouch set comes with 6 different sizes bag or pouches and all these have zip closer. 

This laundry pouch set is used to pack, store and organize your cloths easily during travel or at home. You can classified your luggage into different packages such as large bag for shirt, saree, pant or coat, small for bra, penties, toiletries and cosmetic accessories.

If you are going to a trip, this set is the best option to organize your clothes/ luggage for your upcoming trip. 

By the help of this set you can differentiate between wet and dry or washed and unwashed clothes during your journey and you will get a comfortable and happy packing experience.


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