Kuber Industries™ 1 MM Thick PVC 6 Strips AC Curtain for Offices & Shop -7 Feet (Dimension-84*54 Inches) Code- Stripes09

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Material: 1 MM Thickness in 6 strips (1 Strip=9 Inches Width & 84 Inches Height) Dimension-54 Inches width & 84 Inches Height.Package Content: 1 Piece (7 Feet) PVC Strip Curtain. Very useful for offices shops & restaurent.. The strips of this curtain are made of transparent PVC material, these are clear, flexible and barriers to the exchange of Air and Dust between two different areas and maintain the visibility. This product is ideal for home, kitchen, hotels, freeze zones, warehouse, health care and food processing zone etc..Kuber Industries PVC Strip/AC Curtain is made of high quality PVC material. This curtain is used to prevent dust, insects and help in maintaining temperature, humidity at your home and work place..Brand: "Kuber Industries" - LATEST, TRENDY, DESIGNER & STYLISH WITH CHOICE OF COLOURS. Just type & search "Kuber Industries" in Search Bar & don't miss 'The Must Buy Products'.


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