How to place an Bulk Order

      Below is the ordering procedure (Only for wholesale/Bulk orders) :

      Kindly register on website by Signup.

      Kindly visit the product pages in details and send us an email specifying the product/style codes or category, the quantity of each product(s) you want to purchase along with your name, full address, contact numbers and business brief.

      According to the quantities intending to purchase we will offer you the special discount on signup.

      We will prepare a proforma invoice or estimate based on your information. You will find the product/style codes, prices and estimated shipping charges in the proforma invoice or estimate.

      As soon as a customer transferred the amount according to the proforma invoice/ Estimate, we start preparing the consignment within 1-2 days after the payment has been realized. (Check Bulk Order Payment page on website for account details) 

      The day we booked the consignment or our earliest we will send you the tracking number of your shipment.

      You will find all the final billings with the product codes in the final invoice. The product code number will be attached to the products in the consignment so that you could find out the product/styles systematically.

      The consignment will reach at your place within 5-7 days depending on the courier agent and the destination.

      Customer must abide by the laws of his-her country. Kuber Industries do not pay for the custom duties or any other Taxes/charges. In case there are any customs duties and Taxes incurred by the shipment, the customer is bound to pay them. Please note that we are unable to provide specific advice on customs duties or tariffs.

      If customer does not claim the shipment for whatever reason, Kuber Industries shall not be held responsible for it.

      If shipment will sent back to us due to non-payment of custom duty and taxes or any other reason, Customer will have to pay re-freight charges and other taxes incurred by the shipment.


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